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  532nm.com     AVIA Laser & VERDI Laser

AVIA, VERDI and VIPER Coherent Laser System
sales & service by Laser Innovations includes all models of the Solid State Q-Switched AVIA Laser Series, the DPSS VERDI Laser Series and the Viper Entertainment Laser Series.  Laser Innovations' highly trained personnel are experts in the laser field, and will bring your laser system back to its peak performance; with a full warranty that meets or exceeds the original.  Laser Innovations is NOT a used laser system broker.  Laser Innovations has been in business for over 20 years servicing the needs of the laser community.

     AVIA Laser
Solid-State Q-Switched

AVIA 532-30
AVIA 532-38
AVIA 532-45
DPSS High-Power CW

Verdi V2
Verdi V5
Verdi V6
Verdi V8
Verdi V10
Verdi V12
Verdi V18
Solid-State CW

Viper V5
Viper V8
Viper V10
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Laser Innovations
offers a full line of Coherent Laser replacement parts, manuals, and technical phone support; as part of our way to keep your laser system up and operational.  We offer sales and service on all models of the Coherent Innova Ion Laser Series Lasers as well as the Coherent Diamond and GEM series CO2 laser systems and FAP-I Diodes.




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