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About Us

Since 1989, Laser Innovations has proudly provided sales and support of Coherent Laser Systems.

During the past 20 years Laser Innovations have serviced all ION laser models; from the older Coherent CR Supergraphite Series, to the current Coherent Innova Laser systems manufactured today.

Over the past 10 years our service has extended to the support of the latest Coherent has to offer; IR Diode and crystal replacement on the new Coherent Solid State laser systems of both the VERDI and the AVIA product lines.

For the customer who has a single laser in his or her lab, to the corporate OEM that has hundreds of custom laser systems in need of expeditious support... Laser Innovations is your choice for the most cost effective service plan available.

In order to better serve our domestic and global customer, Laser Innovations purchased a 20,000 square foot facility, in 2004. This has allowed us to expand our capability and improve upon what our customers have grown to expect; superior products, service, and timely support of their new Solid State (266nm, 355nm or 532nm) or their water-cooled Innova ION laser system.

To all of our customers...

We graciously say “Thank You” for your business & support during these first 20 years !


Your Friends @ Laser Innovations

Coherent AVIA Laser Systems and Coherent Verdi Laser Systems.
Laser Innovations supports them all.

Coherent Innova-300 Series Laser Heads
"on the shelf" for our OEM customers.

Coherent Innova Laser plasma tubes "ready-to-go".
On hand stock provides for a minimum down time
cycle of your Coherent Innova Laser System.


Laser Innovations stocks plasma tubes, magnets, power supplies and provides full technical support of your Coherent Innova Sabre DBW, Innova Sabre TSM & Innova SabreMotoFreD Laser System...

Laser Innovations is committed to securing the future of our customers.





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