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Drilling, marking, micromachining, cutting, scribing, semiconductor, engraving.

We also service and sell lasers that are used in the following applications/industries:

  Capillary Ectrophoresis
Confocal Microscopy
DFB Manufacturing
Direct Imaging
Disc Mastering
Dye Laser Pumping
Flow Cytometry
Forensic Science
Government Labs, Federal & State
Interferometric Optics Testing
Large Screen Display
Laser Disc Mastering
Laser Doppler Velocimetry
Light Show Displays
Medical Applications
Normal Cytoflourescence
Optical Storage
Photocoagulation Applications
Raman Spectroscopy
Rapid Prototyping
Research and Development
Semiconductor Processing
Titanium Sapphire Laser Pumping
UV Photolithographic Processes
UV Resonance Spectroscopy
Writing Gratings on Fibre




Home        Products & Services        Applications        About Us        Contact Us

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